ESL Websites

Below you will find my favorite ESL websites for learning English as well as TESOL Career related websites.

Free Online English Learning Websites

Here are my top picks for students to learn english online for free! Enjoy!

Reading Comprehension

This website is brought to you by Cengage Learning, and it’s a great tool for students to practice their reading comprehension. It also prepares students for reading comprehension testing.

English Grammar Practice

Grammar Form and Function by Milada Broukal, McGraw Hill 2004 has a great online practice series via the McGraw Hill website. Check out each level below.
Grammar Form and Function 1
Grammar Form and Function 2
Grammar Form and Function 3

Ventures Arcade

Ventures is a pretty basic series that covers vocab, grammar, listening, and reading. It’s not my favorite book series to use in class, however the online component is really useful and my students always enjoy it.

Video Pronunciation and Learning is an amazing and comprehensive site that students could get lost on for hours improving their English skills. It’s a great resource for pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening. Students love this website!

Test Prep

Testing can be a very stressful thing for ESL students. This website from Seminole State College is a really great resource for students to practice ESL test taking skills.

Breaking News English

My students really love learning through the news: it’s engaging, it’s relevant, and it’s something we can all relate to. Breaking News English allows students to practice listening, reading, and vocabulary through engaging news article lessons.

English Business Vocabulary

Most likely your students are planning to eventually enter the workforce and use their English skills at work. Vocab Video TV is a great pre for learning English Business Vocabulary.

ESL Lab Listening Practice

ESL Lab listening practice is a great website for students to practice listening skills. You can choose your level: easy, medium, or hard.

Historical Speeches For Listening Practice

This website is a very interesting and engaging website for listening practice. Students can brush up on history knowledge improving your English language listening skills.

TESOL Career Websites (TESOL International Association)

Primarily run by member volunteers, with assistance from an office staff based in Alexandria, Virginia, this is clearly one of the best TESOL resources around. With an online presence since the dawn of the Web, their site is now covering a vast array of topics and is visited by hundreds of thousands of TESOL/ESL teachers and students around the world. Read more about the organization and how its run and its history in their about section. Below are some other highlights from the site:

  • TESOL Career Center – Linked to from several places on this site (including my own ESL job page), it is just that good and worth mentioning again!
  • Attend & Learn – Great for finding everything from upcoming online courses to symposiums and conferences. If you want to stay current, keep an eye on this and don’t forget to check their TESOL events calendar.
  • Read and Publish – Albert Einstein supposedly once said that “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” The perhaps most important task of TESOL is to support, and promote research in the field, and are greatly devoted to improving English language teaching and learning.
  • Connect & Social Media – Join the TESOL community, one of their Interest sections (TESOL’s special interest groups) or find a local affiliate in their 100+ worldwide affiliate directory. Make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or check them out on LinkedIn. Just for the sake of completeness, they do also have an old fashioned contact us page.

Regional and International TESOL Organizations

If you run an ESL/TESOL organization or perhaps just know of one that should be on the list, please contact me and I’ll add it.

Various Other Resources and General ESL Sites

  • Dave’s ESL Cafe with his three site sections “Stuff for Teachers”, “Stuff for Students”, and “Stuff for Everyone” is just a very inspiring place to hangout! A must-visit.
  • English as a Second Language by Dr. Ron C. Lee contains a huge link directory about everything ESL. Maybe somewhat outdated but still very useful.
  • Wikipedia ESL is probably the best starting point for anyone who wants to get an introduction to the field from any angle. As usual, tons of references and links to terms and related pages.