ESL PowerPoints

ESL PowerPoints are an extremely effective way to engage your learners. offers a large selection of ESL PowerPoint lessons with engaging slides. These ESL Powerpoints are interactive and great for introducing grammar and vocabulary.

Tesol.Me Powerpoints

These are power points that I have created for my own classes. I’ve uploaded the powerpoints that are student’s favorites. Enjoy.

Emergency Words Vocabulary and the Present Continuous

Level: Intermediate-Advanced ESOL
Description:This is a fun lesson I put together that introduces Emergency Vocabulary and the Present Continuous using videos, photos, cloze excercises, and Yoga TPR. Enjoy!
PDF versionPresentContinuous-EmergencyWordsVocabulary
PowerPoint (PPTX) version PresentContinuous-EmergencyWords

The Past

Level: Intermediate-Advanced ESL
Description:This is a nice introduction/refresher on the past tense. There is a writing excercise at the end of this lesson as well.
PowerPoint (PPTX) version Past
PDF version Past


Level: Intermediate-Advanced ESL
Description: This is a fun class on advertising. It incorporates some funny youtube advertising videos and ends with a group project. This is a great class for descriptive writing.
Powerpoint (PPTX) versionAdvertising-ESL
PDF VersionAdvertising-ESL

Links To Other ESL Powerpoints

  • Civics For ESL Students: This website has a great database of usable powerpoints that center around civics lessons.
  • Rogers ESL Powerpoints: This website has a large database
  • World of Teaching: This website compiles powerpoints donated by teachers around the world. There is material related to ESL as well as every other subject.
  • ESL Powerpoint Games: This site offers a wide range of ESL Powerpoint games. This is a great option if you do not have internet in your classroom, but want the fun of online games.