Your Guide To Headhunters For ESL Jobs and Teaching Jobs

June 2, 2014

The demand for ESL jobs and teaching jobs is growing every year. As English becomes THE global language, it really is a constantly growing industry with huge opportunities for work all over the world.

Headhunters are often the key to finding quality teaching jobs with top pay and benefits. This guide will present to you some of the top Education headhunters as well as various teaching websites that will open up a world of ESL teaching opportunities for you. Good luck!

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ESL Teacher Headhunters

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1. Carney Sandoe & Associates

Carney Sandoe & Assoc. is a very well known and reputable headhunting firm for education. This company has access to both administration jobs and teaching job opportunities.

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2. Educator’s Ally

This is a great headhunting agency in the Northeast. You must apply in order to be considered. According to their website:

Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized search and placement agency for educators and independent schools.

We represent and recruit for hundreds of day and boarding schools located in the Northeast, with a special concentration on schools in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, Connecticut and New Jersey.

3. The Education Group

This agency focuses on school administration jobs. According to the website:

The Education Group conducts Mid-Level and Head of School searches for independent schools across the nation. In these searches we look for qualified administrators who meet the position’s desired needs and qualifications. Great care is taken to tailor the search to the school’s needs.

4. International School Services

This is a great source for international teaching jobs.
According to the website:

For over 50 years ISS has brought the very best educators together with the very best schools, pairing over 20,000 candidates and 300 schools in more than 150 countries worldwide. Now more than ever, ISS makes securing a highly sought international teaching career easier, smarter and more affordable.

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Teaching Job Websites


The career center is a great resource for jobs both domestically and internationally. Be sure to keep up to date on their job listings as they are always adding new ones. Their job fairs at the TESOL conferences are also outstanding.

2. Education Crossing

This is a free website that has a large database of teaching opportunities. Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.46.39 AM


This is one of the most widely used teaching recruitment sites by teachers around the U.S. You can customize email alerts and receive teaching job announcements on a weekly basis.


This site has a large database of teaching jobs. It also has various functions to offer aside offers online chat boards, project planning, and lesson plans for teachers.


This site attracts over 300,000 visitors a month and is a great resource for teaching job opportunities.


While this is not a fancy site, it is a great resource for jobs as well as a good site to post your resume.