ESL Health Unit Lesson

March 5, 2014

Here is a fun and engaging ESL Health Unit lesson that I used with my multilevel ESL students this past semester. I had a small all female class, and we often talked about recipes and beauty in class, so I came up with this online healthy recipe project. Most of my students come into my class with very little computer skills. Throughout the semester we build computer skills through our project based learning. This project was introduced later in the semester when students were very comfortable on the computers.

ESL Health Unit Project Lesson

Students had to choose from the following group roles:

Group Roles

Project Manager: This person will make sure everyone does their work and turns in recipes.
Editor: This person will edit the recipes for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Book Layout (2 people): These people will decide which order the recipes go in.
Photographer (2 people): These people will decide which photos to put on the website.
Website Editor: This person will organize the website and make sure everyone types their recipe on the website.


We will make an online healthy recipe blog that will include healthy recipes for food and/or beauty.


I. You must submit at least 2 recipes.

Each recipe will have:
1. A Name
2. An inspiring quote about health.
3. Ingredients and measurements
4. Directions for cooking, mixing, or baking.
5. A photo (you can take your own photo, or find one online).


The results from this project were outstanding! Students absolutely loved sharing the recipes with each other and showcasing their work online. We learned so much about each other’s culture!