ESL Games

Online ESL Games are a fun way to learn English. Here are my favorite online ESL games.


Quizlet is AWESOME! You can create your own quizzes or you can browse through quizzes already created. This is a great resource for any teacher.

ESL Partyland

The name says it all! There are lots of fun games on this website.

English Club Games

This site has a wide array of games for grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

ESL Games World

This is a great resource for fun interactive games both in online and printable form!


This has several game lists, including a top ten list and games for listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.

Learning English Through Media. This website is a real student favorite. This site has thousands of games at your disposal to add into your lessons.

Ventures Arcade:

This is a website that can be used in conjunction with the Ventures books, however you can also use it on its own if you don’t have the Ventures books at your disposal. It incorporates games and listening activities to check for student’s understanding on each chapter.