April 6, 2012

Hello world!  TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of another Language) is my teaching area of choice because I enjoy connecting with people from all cultures and I love the English language.

My posts on this blog will reflect the content I am synthesizing in my courses, content I am teaching in my classes, and tips for TESOL teachers.  This is intended to be a resource for ESL teachers and those looking to pursue a career in the world of TESOL!You can also see my blog posts on the official MAT blog.

It’s never to early and it’s never too late to pursue a career in TESOL. Opportunities abound around the world as English has become  a global language, and as Jay Walker in his TED talk dubbed English the “language of problem solving” just as math is the language of science.  See his talk below on “English Mania.”  He brings up some great points that further show how TESOL is a large part of an ever growing global conversation.