A Short Walk Through A Progression Of English

April 13, 2012

I recently started using www.prezi.com for my presentations in the MAT program @USC, and wow….powerpoint is seriously a thing of the past. I mean, prezi makes powerpoint look like it stepped out from under the 80s. In prezi you can make your presentation literally zoom from idea to idea, and long gone are slides filled with too much information.  Additionally – it is so easy to organically add information to your presentation…even up to the last minute.  Prezi becomes a platform to go from brainstorming to finished product in a matter of minutes (once you get a hang of their format).  I recommend watching the prezi tutorials here, and using their online forum for additional help.

Here's an example of a recent prezi I did with my ever so talented colleague, Michelle Bagwell. I created this prezi using one of their templates.  Look out for more prezis in the future…be careful prezi can be an addicting/amazing way to create visceral presentations!  Happy prezi-ing!